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Author of Dark, Sexy Fiction. Blogger and Podcaster. Medium posts are usually less than 4mins. I hope you like them!

Especially if they’re likely to be a psychopath

Women often complain that men don’t say enough of what’s on their mind. They also say men don’t listen too well. Both points may be entirely true, but what about that one guy who is attentive, a little too inquisitive, expresses everything and then expects that in return? Is it possible for men to know too much?

There are men who pry. Some women would mistake it as attentiveness, but prying crosses a line. His questions keep coming long after the answers have run out, waiting for a slip up to pop-up. …

Judge. Jury. Executioner. The ‘bird’ gives us the power to be all three — and doesn’t it feel great to be all of these at once? It’s the perfect pick me up after dealing with the shitty people we encounter.

Think about it. When a flip takes place, we’ve decided that there was a crime, who the guilty party was and then delivered them a sentence. An encouraging ‘F*ck you!’ often accompanies it, rounding out what is an exquisitely brilliant autocratic punishment.

Make no mistake, this simple act is not just a scaled-down model of what is dictator-styled justice, it also mimics a violent action. When the longest digit on the upward hand is extended and thrust upwards, it represents the motion of a knife being jabbed into flesh.

The blade represented is held by a violent ancestor who lives…

There is a right way and a wrong way of disposing victims. Read now for tips on how to commit the perfect murder.

It’s a question that everyone wants to ask, but few get to do. If I’ve wondered about asking it, then you’ve probably wondered about it too. I’m not afraid to answer this often socially awkward question. When I was starting out, resources were few and far between. No one showed or explained anything to me. I had to teach myself from scratch and make it up as I went along. …

What do you do if the woman your son married turns out to be manipulative, deceptive and an outright evil bitch? I have the perfect answer.

My daughter-in-law is an off-the-charts psycho-bitch. Everyone knows it. We don’t say it aloud, though. Eyes dart about a room whenever she enters it. You can feel the tension rise. Silence clears a path ahead of this cold-face cow, who snaps at the smallest things. Her poor husband is at the mercy of her hair-trigger neurosis. Heaven forbid if he ever had a free thought develop in his brow-beaten, emasculated mind. Hell would surely freeze over today if one ever turned into sound and reached the edge of his lips.

I saw one rise to them a long time ago…

Yes. Free. It’s dark ADULT fiction, and it’s free (for a very limited time)

Let’s say Stephen King one time. Let’s mention Dean Koontz too. They are good names to drop around this book, as the narrative inside is a blend of these two plus something quite extraordinary. I’ve never been able to place it into a genre-appropriate bookshelf for this reason.

It’s horrific, but it’s not quite horror. It’s thrilling, but it doesn’t quite fall into the thriller genre, either. The best I can say is that it’s fantastic dark fiction, for adults. If you like a creepy element swirling about the type of stories you read, this one’s for you. …

Paradise provides opportunities for the lovesick to connect, or new ways for those who are sick of their current love and need to connect with someone new.

An exquisite holiday destination on an idyllic island in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Volleyball, scuba diving, quad biking and every water sport you can imagine, lures vacationers to the shores at Tangalooma Resort.

It sounds like the blurb from a brochure, right?

I’ve been there and, l must say, what l write here comes from first-hand experience. I don’t care much for the sand or the sun. I’m drawn to those who are attracted to the resort. They cross the expanse of Moreton Bay to escape something of their life. …

Not every murderer develops an identifiable pattern of behavior. Some are closeted killers who are waiting for the perfect opportunity to release their creature.

Could you identify a murderer from a distance? If you met one face-to-face, or up close in the bedroom, would you know what one would look like?

Occasional or sleeper killers are a different kind of criminal. They are those who kill once and never kill again. Their pattern of misbehavior never forms, so authorities are unable to find perpetrators. What they do appears to be a random act. It’s a wonderful anomaly to have — if you’re a killer.

In a perfect world, we shouldn’t need to look over our shoulders. Rainbows and peaches should surround us. In my…

Monogamous lovers are entitled to use a special word when their sexual relationship is exclusive. If, however, their relationship becomes sexless, they are no longer monogamous.

Think about it. If a couple’s sex dies, they are no longer in a monogamous relationship. They’re not having sex at all — not with their partner or anyone. It’s another way a couple can find themselves on the road to non-monogamy.

It’s a hard concept to accept at first. Monogamy and faithful are words so intrinsically connected to each other that they are often mistaken of having similar meanings. They don’t. It’s possible to be faithful AND non-monogamous at the same time by living, say, in a sexless marriage. If one spouse wants to play and the other doesn’t…

Accident? Surely not. I suspect it was something else — and I think I’ve got proof somebody else was involved with her demise. Should I say something about it and talk to the police?

She wasn’t hanged with a noose. It was her camera strap that got her. Forget about the strap for a moment, it’s highly unlikely that anyone to get to that place where her body was found, much less have an accident there. Besides, l know the victim. At times, she can be impulsive, but she’s not totally stupid. There’s no way this was an accident.

Maxine was never my friend. Sure, I know her, but that doesn’t make us best buddies. We’re just colleagues. She’s a photographer, like me, and our paths cross, sometimes it’s too frequently for me. We’re…

If you’ve ever participated in the ‘another relationship’ relationship, you’ll understand the fire that exists between cheating lovers.

My lover’s kisses are so hot. I don’t know why. They are only kisses. It’s just lips. Two people. A sneaky moment here and there. Nothing. Oh, who am I kidding? I know why. I just don’t want to admit it. It’s terrible. Pathetic. I wanted that kind of kiss again. I missed it. I wanted the magic back. Is it so wrong? I needed to feel desired, wanted, sexy, like the first time.

I don’t mind sharing this little secret with you. To hell with the haters. They aren’t in my position. They don’t know the truth behind my…

Michael Forman

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