Adulterer Confesses: ‘The Kisses Taste Way Better.’

If you’ve ever participated in the ‘another relationship’ relationship, you’ll understand the fire that exists between cheating lovers.

My lover’s kisses are so hot. I don’t know why. They are only kisses. It’s just lips. Two people. A sneaky moment here and there. Nothing. Oh, who am I kidding? I know why. I just don’t want to admit it. It’s terrible. Pathetic. I wanted that kind of kiss again. I missed it. I wanted the magic back. Is it so wrong? I needed to feel desired, wanted, sexy, like the first time.

I don’t mind sharing this little secret with you. To hell with the haters. They aren’t in my position. They don’t know the truth behind my bedroom door. No one does. How can they? They don’t sleep in my bed. Nothing happens in it but sleep. I needed something more. I needed it soooooo much!

My lips fizz at each kiss. I feel my toes pressing against my shoes. I lose myself. It’s as if I’m new again.

How can one naughty moment make such a difference? I’m not talking about my lover’s lips, I’m talking about me. Why do I feel so different? The kisses. Those touches. And the sex is unbelievable. I know I’m doing the wrong thing, but so much goodness comes from it. Why? I wish I’d done it way sooner! Don’t tell me about the guilt! Guilt dogs me all the time — so too does pleasure. Mmmm.

It actually keeps me sane. Without this, I’d be climbing walls or popping pills. I’ve done more with my secret FWB in three months than I ever did with my spouse over a decade. Both of us were ravenous — so ravenous. We ate everything that was on the table.

Divorce you say?

Easy to say, but it’s complicated. Too many things are in play — and it’s not like we don’t love our spouses. We do. We love them to bits. They are decent people. It’s just that, well, they got lazy. Yes, we tried communication, couple’s therapy and date nights. I did my best. Nothing worked. Monogamy was the dream. It’s just it didn’t work out that way. My lover and I craved human touch. Our spouses ran out of excuses to avoid intimacy, and we ran out of excuses for ourselves to keep accepting it. It was embrace defeat or accept change. Change is good, right?

I improved things by embracing it and swallowing my pride. Now I’m happy. So is my wife. (Surprise. Did your opinion of me drop a few extra notches because I’m male?)

I don’t look to Samantha for sex and, the irony is, she prefers that. It makes her feels better. It works well for both of us. My lover and I are happy too. We wanted that spark! We make a date, get what need when we need it and how we like it. Everyone is satisfied. No one is sad.

And then five women died in mysterious circumstances. It was all over the news. Maybe you know one of them. They were the ones also having secret affairs. A bit-on-the-side got them killed. I’m looking into it.





Author of Dark, Sexy Fiction. Blogger and Podcaster. Medium posts are usually less than 4mins. I hope you like them!

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Michael Forman

Michael Forman

Author of Dark, Sexy Fiction. Blogger and Podcaster. Medium posts are usually less than 4mins. I hope you like them!

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