Dungeon of Dark Fiction For Lovers of Creepy Writing

I’d like to welcome you to my pit of evil happenstance. This is where the most innocent of people are lured away from the light and taken deep into the dark recesses of a primeval mind. May your stay be deadly.

Y’know, this dungeon of dark fiction in which I dwell is actually part of a neurosis labyrinth. It’s a quiet corner, far away from the prying eyes of do-gooders, the politically correct and those who tch-tch at everything they see and hear. I apply a few sadistic keystrokes, and suddenly they are here with me, bound to this dungeon’s walls. Stripped of their dignity and clothes, I get to probe their flesh with shiny, metal objects and make their minds quiver with vile words and threats that are in no way idle. No one out there gets to hear their wonderful screams inside here.

There’s no romance. No fairy tale weddings. No love everlasting. No warm and fuzzy hero righteousness to right life’s wrongs. I provide no clichés, either. My happy ever after is to watch victims plead for mercy and then kill them as slow as possible, while listening to their whiny voices fade from existence. This version of a HEA is a refreshing change to the literary landscape, don’t you think?

Helpless victims aside, readers who access my mind-dungeon are in for a treat. Somewhere between the creation of a phenomenal story and a reader’s inevitable enjoyment of it, is a weird and uncomfortable truth about life and love. Enjoy following the links back into my deranged puzzle — what is a sadistic labyrinth, taking us to the juncture of organised civility and primeval desire.

Creep you later,


Originally published at https://michaelformanevil.substack.com on October 20, 2021.



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Michael Forman

Author of Dark, Sexy Fiction. Blogger and Podcaster. Medium posts are usually less than 4mins. I hope you like them!