Serial Killer’s Tip #1: Disrupt The DNA Chain

Is there a way around DNA science? Dodging the investigation isn’t easy in today’s modern world but it can be done.

The smallest components of life map the trails in our own. We all carry it, in our hair, skin, blood, spit and other secretions. And it goes everywhere, all the time. As serial killers, how can we avoid this happening?

Bleach, burn and bury everything? Sure, but it only takes one skin cell to escape the fire to return guilt to the guilty. There are other ways to slip through the cracks that provides more security. Let me show you the one I use.

Followers *wink* know what to expect beyond this point. If you’re squeamish, a pacifist, or, dare I say it, have morals, please leave. This place is not for you. Go have a nice cup of tea and read your Bible.

Evidence. That’s what we’re talking about, right? DNA. What an shitty little acronym. The greatest criminals have fallen to something we can’t even see!

DNA Sequence

It takes long term planning and self-restraint to sever the DNA investigation chain but it can be done. To find out how, read carefully. Read very slowly.

First, forget covering up your DNA trail. It’s a waste of time lighting fires. It’s impossible to get rid of it all. Go ahead and do your thing but do it my way instead.

There’s a third tip that completes this unholy trinity but I’ll get to that in a second. No one wants jail, not even a serial killer. Jail ends the party.

It’s totally okay to be a viscous monster. I support you on that. It’s who we are. Nobody can change us. It’s not fair to be judged just because we found our true calling. That’s discrimination anywhere else. Yes, I hear you. It appears that equality and understanding is only for a select few. Evil psychopaths aren’t on that list.

So it’s back to the closet for us, right? Go kill but do it on the down low. I respect that.

What about that one extra thing to include into our routine to protect us from the police?

We can’t do much about DNA science. It’s here to stay. So let’s get past it — pay close attention now. Investigations require one small detail to present itself to complete the circle. It’s about making a connection between a DNA profile and the name of its contributor. Without it, an investigation stalls.


The answer has two parts.

Patience. Practice it. If something makes you angry, don’t reach out and immediately kill someone. Take a deep breath, refocus, and, when you’ve had time to contain your emotion, channel that anger into a random individual. You’ll get the same thrill without the DNA heartache that follows.

Why random? Essentially, they’re a stranger. They’re not a friend, a college or a neighbor. They are no one and have no associations with anything we do.

Most psychos are born dumb and impulsive. We lash out without thought. We’re self-absorbed and can’t see beyond desire. Witnesses, motives, associations and evidence are at the same place at the same time. It’s a mess. Without self control, our evil side is exposed at the wrong time and place. It’s dangerous. Most of us are known to police for the small stuff we did when we were younger. Our fingerprints were recorded and so was our DNA when we become more, let’s say, adventurous. They know our name and our DNA profile. Our wayward history works against us.

Which brings to me to final part of tip.

The secret to avoiding being caught is to correct our behavior, controlling our psychopathic tendencies right from the start of our journey. Reacting to things immediately only lets others know what we’re thinking when we’re thinking it. It’s revealing. It’s better to smile, hold back and wait for another time to unleash hell — and choose a random.

Behavior modification is the key. It confuses investigators and the scientists who run DNA labs. Without a direct connection between crime, criminal and victim, there’s nowhere left for investigators to go. You’re free to be who you are and explore your unique talent.

I did. I did one on a beach last night.

She was a sweet redhead, a lover of the fifties era. She wore a cute skirt from the period she adored so much and had a fake beauty spot on her face to complete it. Nice.

We met for sex. It was consensual, of course. That’s the deal. Just as the storm exploded above us, so did I below — and then I squeezed her neck, blocked off her throat and waited for her fight to fade. It was a deliciously exquisite ending — almost the best ever. She never saw it coming.

Her profile said she was an empowered woman and independent. I could see that she was a strong one and had something to prove. I could read between the lines. Those ones like to keep secrets. That’s what made her so attractive.

Having sniper-like patience helps me a great deal. I was a stranger to her but I’d watched her for months before we met. My anger had matured well. I was aching to touch that ivory-white throat. I needed to choke it so much. I had to see what it was like for her to know her life was coming to an end.

She’s my sixth. I’m already studying my seventh and eighth. This next one’s a blonde, a cheater stepping out on her husband. Another secret specialist.

Swabs of Ms Redhead’s body will be taken but guess what? I’m not in the system. No one has recorded my DNA profile and matched it to me. A link won’t be found. I’m free to dream.

That’s the reward for controlling my inner Beast throughout my childhood. As long as I behave like a proper Mr Average now, I’m immune. The jealous ex-husband will probably go away for the crime. The rain would’ve done a number on most of the evidence. They always suspect an ex.

My wife bought me a new hobby drill this week. She’s a thoughtful person. I love her so much. I’ll use her gift to turn the redhead’s SIM into a charm for her bracelet. I think this one will become a seahorse. She hasn’t got one of those yet.

Yes, those who get caught are shortsighted fools. It’s the smart ones who distill and cultivate their rage who’ll remain within our community for life, looking like model citizens while committing murders that’ll remain unsolved.




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